Harvey John Beth

I am a fine art photographer who lives in Oak Bluffs on the Island of Martha's Vineyard off the coast of Massachusetts. My work includes travel images from over 14 different countries as well as an array of seascapes and floral images from our Island affectionately known by residents as "the Rock."
My hope is that you experience the essence of what I have witnessed first hand. The variety of colors, shapes, lighting , wildlife, people and events that I have enjoyed are incorporated into this emerging portfolio.
This is just a small sample of the over 10,000 world-wide images that I have been fortunate enough to have photographed over the past 15 years. If you care to see more, please contact me at hjbeth@yahoo.com .

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Thanks for the visit. I sincerely hope you enjoyed the images and will come back again.

In April, 2019, knowing that I was facing surgery that would limit my mobility for 6 or so weeks, I decided to get out of my photography comfort zone. The Cape Cod Art Center, my off island gallery, was offering a 5 day resident iPhoneography workshop that I decided to attend. Under the facilitation of Meri Aaron Walker, AKA the iPhone Art Girl, and 8 other aprticipants, I quickly got imersed into using the iPhone camera instead of my 15 pound DSLR "big peoples" camera.
Being the oldest and the least experienced in the group, I had the most to experience.
It was one of the finest photography experiences I ever had. The group of extraordinary artists that I spent 5 days with were tolerent, helpful, inspirational, encouarging and friendly. It was, for me , a wonderful bonding experience.
After the workshop, I had the foot surgery and had to stay off of my feet for most oif the 6 to 7 week recovery period. During that time, I experimented and played around with my new but not yet comfortable, iPhone and related apps. The early results of my efforts are shown in several galleries within this web site. I truly hope you get as much looking at these images as I had in producing them.
I will always be grateful to Meri and the incredible gang that I spent those precious 5 days with. It was an amazing bonding experience for this rookie.